Training and trialing in Germany

Katja and I, along with Badger, Irra and Beam, went on a trip to Germany. First we visited Natascha (Rasta Aussies), where we’ve spend some wonderful days training and chatting. On Friday we drove to Hosbach (S bar L Aussies) to ASCA herding trials.

I am a super proud breeder and co-owner. Irra – Quickbeam Solenopsis Gallica – has excelled on her first herding trials with her owner Katja and has finnished her Started Trial Dog titles on sheep and ducks!! And two weeks ago she has finished her Open Farm Trial Dog title on sheep.

Way to go!!

Since Beam is only missing 2 Advanced cattle runs to get her WTCH, I only entered her in cattle. Two trainings we had a dairy farm really helped her with her confidence on cattle. Unfortunatelly due to my stupid mistake, a cow kicked her in the leg on her 2nd run 🙁 On Sunday we had 2 more runs, but Beam was hesitant to get away from me to the cattle. I guess we are now back at gaining confidence and I hope we can have some more trainings this year.

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