We have 6 puppies born on 4th May 2021.

Our puppies were born on 4th May 2021

There are 6 puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys.

All puppies have already found their new owners!



Quickbeam Solenopsis Gallica STDsd OFTDs

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Registered name: Quickbeam Solenopsis Gallica STDsd OFTDs
DOB: 1. 3. 2018
Registered with: ASCA
COI: 12,46%
Color: red tri
Tail: long
Height: 51 cm
Weight: 17 kg
Owner: Katja Crček

Hips:: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
OCD: 0/0
Back: ok

PRA: carrier (+/-)
DM: carrier (+/-)
MDR1: clear
HSF4: clear
CEA: clear
CMR1: clear
Hiplaxity I: clear
Hiplaxity II: clear
HUU: clear
IGS 3: clear
MH: clear
NCL 6: clear


- herding
- rally obedience
- hiking


Passed BH/VT exam

ASCA titles: STDsd OFTDs


About Irra

This is what Irra’s owner Katja wrote about her:
Irra is reserved to strangers, but can be easily bribed with treats and toys. She has some guarding instinct and guards our house, but she is not aggressive in doing so. She is one big clown in everyday life, she always jumps around happily and enjoys the smallest things. She is very curious but never nervous – she is very stable and not reactive. She’s very easy to live with, I can take her with me everywhere – to different public places, for coffee, to the store, to camping – she settles down everywhere and feels right at home.

Working with her is pure pleasure. So far, we have tried herding (sheep, ducks, cattle), obedience, agility, nosework and frisbee, and we’ll probably try some other sports too. No matter what we do, she always gives 100% of herself and excels in her work. I think she was born for obedience, obedience exercises are something natural and so much fun for her. She is gentle, calm and thinks a lot when herding, she doesn’t bite at the moment, but she is still very young and will need more experience in herding. Not long ago we also started with agility where she is very fast and listens to what I tell her.


W Lazy J S Bar L Napoleon DNA-VP

  • General info
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Registered name: W Lazy J S bar L Napoleon DNA-VP
DOB: 16. 6. 2018
Registered with: ASCA & AKC
COI: 12,27%
Color: black bi
Tail: dolg
Owner: Sandra Zilch, S bar L Aussies

Kolki: B2/B2
Komolci: 0/0

Oči čiste, pregledane januarja 2020

MDR1: +/+ (clear)
HSF4: frei / clear
DM: frei / clear
prcd/PRA : frei / clear
CEA/CH: frei / clear
CMR1: frei, clear
CD: frei / clear


- paša, delo na kmetiji

About Nap

I have been following working Australian Shepherds in Europe for many years and Nap is one of the dogs that immediately caught my attention. He comes from USA, from a well known kennel W Lazy J. He has a pedigree full of great dogs. On my trip to the USA in 2018, I also met his father Lefty (Riverbank´s Right Hand Man) and the owner of the Riverbank kennel – Matt Mason in person.

Nap’s owner Sandra Zilch is the breeder of Irra’s mother Beam. We have known each other for many years and Katja and I also met Napa in person, which I think is very important when choosing the right male.

This is what Sandra wrote about Nap:

Nap has grown into a very handsome young male. His start on stock is very promising. He is easy to train, has very nice flanks, a great work attitude and fast learning and understanding of the job at hand. He is also a friendly and outgoing dog.


The puppies will be typical working Aussies. We expect some puppies to be reserved towards strangers and some more open.

Puppies will have good potential for herding and dog sports. 


W Lazy J S Bar L Napoleon DNA-VP
WTCH Riverbank´s Right Hand Man RTDc DNA-VP
HOF W Lazy J J2 Blazing Baron
HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2 RD CD DNA-CP
HOF WTCH W Lazy J Rudie Mason
HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc
HOF WTCH W Lazy J 20/20 Vision
Ranahan´s W Lazy J Jingling Spurs DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc
HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDsc RTDsc
HOF WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur RD
HOF SDCH WTCH-X Ranahan´s Checkmate PATDcs RTDcs AFTDscm DNA-VP
HOF WTCH Windsongs True Grit PATDcs RTDcs AFTDsm DNA-VP
Andrews Nebraska Windsong
Quickbeam Solenopsis Gallica STDsd OFTDs
WTCH ATCH II Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For Durango HTADsd III AFTDsd DNA-VP
Crown Point Joey
Crown Point Cow Cutter DNA-CP
Crown Point Josephine
Temptation Lucille
HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CP
Crown Point S Bar L Interception OTDdsc DNA-VP
Crown Point Red Jacks R Wild DNA-VP
W Lazy J J2 Crown Point Frankie DNA-VP
S Bar L Cow Oak RD DNA-VP

My goal

My goal is to breed Australian shepherds that have the originial working ability and are healthy with a stable character.

I believe that it’s really important for dogs to grow up in a safe and stimulative environment. The socialisation period whilst in the litter can never be replaced. 

Our puppies as well as our dogs live in the house with us, so they are used to people, other dogs and different sounds from the beginning. 

When they are old enough, we take them outside where they meet new things and challanges. We expose our puppies to different materials (wood, metal, grass, tiles…) and provide them with all sorts of stimulative objects like tunnels, small obstacles made from different materials, all sorts of toys and so on. When they are old enough we take them for short car rides and trips. We make sure they meet other friendly dogs from our friends and also different people of all ages.

Each puppy gets individual attention. When they are old enough this also includes getting used to a collar and leash, we start using clicker with them and start with basics of recall, luring and so on.

Our puppies are mostly fed with home prepared food which includes all sorts of different ingredients: different protein (goat dairy products, beef, poultry, pork…), different vegetables, fruit and grains. When they are 6 weeks old we also introduce them with kibble, so they are used to different kind of foods.

Our puppies:

  • get ASCA pedigrees
  • are 8 weeks old when they leave us
  • are fed with high quality puppy food and home prepared food 
  • are microchiped
  • are dewormed multiple times
  • have their first eye check before they leave

For the puppies I’m seeking active owners who want to work with their dog either in a dog sport in search and rescue or herding. Because Australian shepherds need to live with their people they are not suitable for living in the back yard or in a kennel.

About Australian shepherds:

If you are interested in Australian shepherds, I believe it’s very important to know that Australian shepherds are a working breed with strong herding and guarding instinct. Even though they look nice and friendly they can be chalenging and need consistency and clear rules. They are very active and need a lot of work and attention, both mental and physical. Among the common problems Australian Shepherds owners might encounter with their dogs are reactivity, fearfulness, excessive guarding (which can be seen in relation to humans or dogs), chasing game, chasing runners and cyclists and so on. Certainly these problems are not something that is in the goal of breeding, especially in the modern urban world, but it is something which can happen and is worth keeping in mind.

If the negative characteristics have not dissuaded you from thinking about getting an Australian shepherd, it’s also important to say that the Australian Shepherd can be marvelous companions. What makes them amazing is their will to work and love for working with their owners in any activity you can imagine, be it herding, search and rescue, dog sports or just being active together.

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