Training and trialing in Germany

Katja and I, along with Badger, Irra and Beam, went on a trip to Germany. First we visited Natascha (Rasta Aussies), where we’ve spend some wonderful days training and chatting. On Friday we drove to Hosbach (S bar L Aussies) to ASCA herding trials. I am a super proud breeder and co-owner. Irra – Quickbeam …

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Beam on a herding training

As much as my time allows, I try to train herding with Beam as well. She especially likes practical tasks where interesting things happen without much repetition.

Herding cattle

Beam and I had an amazing opportunity to help move cows from pastures to the barn on a farm. It was a great experience for Beam, and I hope there will be more such opportunities! <iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

Hiking to Vosca

Katja, Badger, Irra and I went to Vošca, where we stretched our legs, and then we went to visit border collie puppies from the kennel Hypnotic Blacklight.

Slovenian Search and Rescue unit annual mission exercise

Beam and I participated in a three-day training for rescue dog handlers as members of Slovenian Search and Rescue Dog Unit. The training was theoretical and practical, where the practical part included working in groups in the nearby forests. We trained different scenarios and search tactics.

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