Meet Ginny, my first dog.


General information

Registered name: Blumina Sweetest Taboo
DOB: 14.7.2006
Registration number: SLRAVO 000026, ASCA Reg. # N148018
COI: 3,9%
Color: blue merle with copper and white
Tail: full
Height: 53 cm
Weight: cca 18 kg


HD: B2
ED: 0/0
MDR1: +/+ (by parentage)
DM: free
Eyes: clear, checked 2016


Search and Rescue:
Member of area search unit from 2011 – 2018 
Member of rubble search unit from 2015 – 2018

Rally obedience:
Exams RO I & RO II

Exam Nosework I

About Ginny

Ginny is my first dog which means she has taught me a lot and also had to deal with my beginner mistakes. She is very open to people and is relaxed around kids. During our search and rescue work we went to numerous kinder gardens to demonstrate what we do, where she happily cooperated with children.

Even though she is open to people her guarding instinct is quite strong, mostly she will guard our house and the car. She usually doesn’t like unknown dogs and needs some time to be relaxed around them. She is ok with dogs that she knows and also likes to play. What is most important to me is that she has accepted Beam very well and has no problem of sharing our home, car or a crate with her. They are completely relaxed around each other without any tensions and often engage in play.

At home she is calm and can sleep all days. And she loves to cuddle! She would often give you her paw or even both front legs and wait for more cuddles.

When Ginny was about 6 months old we started Search & Rescue trainings. Ginny is retired now but she was active up to the age of 12 and after that enjoyed some easy trainings. Because she was gun-shy we have passed some of our exams quite late. I managed to counter condition her so she was not afraid of gunshots any more, which allowed us to pass more exams. She loves/loved both area and rubble search. 

We have been members of search units in area and rubble search for many years and have together attended quite a number of real missions.

We also tried other dog sports from Rally obedience to Frisbee and Nosework. We also tried herding, but somehow Ginny was never really interested in that. Could be that we tried quite late (when she was 4), because there was no option to try/train it sooner.

I am forever grateful for Ginny and everything she has taught me. Who knows where I would be right now without her, I have met so many amazing people and friends because of her.


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