General information

Registered name: S bar L Okie B Cool OTDc CDX ATDds OFTDs RNX DNA-VP
DOB: 22.1.2015
Registration: ASCA
COI: 1,7%
Color: red tri
Tail: Natural bobtail, about 1/2 of tail
Height: 51 cm
Weight: 17 – 18 kg


HD: A1/A1 
ED: 0/0 
OCD: free 
Back: ok
MDR1: +/+ (by parentage)
HSF4: +/+ (by parentage)
PRA: N/N, free (by parentage)
CMR1: +/+ (by parentage)
CEA: +/+ (clear)
DM: N/DM (carrier)



RH-T A: 8. 4. 2017

RH-T B: 15. 10. 2017

RH-FL A1: 8. 10. 2017

RH-FL B: 2.6.2018

Member of seach and rescue units SIP in MERP from 2017

Member of Slovenian MUSAR team from 2020


ASCA titles: ATDds OTDc, OFTDs


BH/VT exam: 97/100 points

ASCA obedience: title CD, May 2017

ASCA obedience: title CDX, September 2017


RO I exam: 138/150 points, 16.10.2016

RO 2 exam: 160/170 points, 26.11.2016

ASCA Rally: title RNX, May 2017


Nosework I exam: 93/100 točk, 15.12.2016

Nosework II exam: 87/100 točk, 15.12.2016



  1. mesto, tekma Delo z nosom II, 9.4.2017
  2. mesto, tekma Delo z nosom II, 13.5.2017


1st place, ASCA Started ducks, Italy, 20. 5. 2017

1st place, ASCA Started ducks, Italy, 21.5.2017

1st place, ASCA Started cattle, Italy, 21.5.2017

2nd place, ASCA Open cattle (OTDc), Italy, 15.7.2018

2nd place, ASCA Advanced ducks (ATDd) Italy, 15.7.2018

1st place HIT (High in Trial), ASCA Open sheep (OTDs), Italy, 15.7.2018

2nd place, ASCA Open sheep (OTDs), Italy, 15.7.2018

1st place HIT, ASCA Open cattle (OTDc), Italy, 14.7.2018

1st place HIT, ASCA Open cattle (OTDc), Italy, 14.7.2018

2nd place, ASCA Farm trial Open Sheep, Austria 7.7.2019

1st place, ASCA Farm trial Open Ducks, Austria 7.7.2019


1st place HIT, ASCA Novice, Austria 24.5.2017

1st place HIT, ASCA Novice, Austria 25.5.2017

2nd place, ASCA Open, Austria 24.9.2019

2nd place, ASCA Open, Austria 24.9.2019

About Beam

Beam is a very cute and happy dog with a very stable character. She is easy to live with and I’d say she is a softer dog. As a puppy she basically hasn’t destroyed anything and has very quickly been house broken.

She is very open to people and has no problem with children, but she also doesn’t bother random people and ignores them if they don’t make contact with her. She adores people that she knows and loves to give kisses straight to your nose. With children she is gentle, not too pushy and totally relaxed. After her first litter I’ve noticed that she can be uncomfortable near some children, especially if they are visiting our home. She does not seek conflict with other dogs, usually she ignores them but she does not like males who are too pushy and stick to her behind.

Even as a puppy she was very brave in all places and even though we live in a small town she never had problems visiting Ljubljana our capital city. Now that she is an adult, I can easily take her with me anywhere I go.

Inside she is quite and doesn’t bark. She doesn’t have a lot of guarding instinct and doesn’t guard our house or the car. Of course she is still an Australian shepherd, which means that if something strange would happen around our house she would be alert and give a warning bark or two.


When she is working she has a very good focus and gives her best to complete the task. She loves obedience, where she is fast and very precise. She has a very good food and play drive. Her favourite toys are balls and balls on a rope. On our search and rescue trainings she shows a lot of will to work, she is good at microlocation and has no problems barking at helpers. Most of the times she gets food as a reward for the find and she is the happiest dog on the planet when we praise her. It’s hard to describe how she acts and feels, I’ll try to make a video of it, somehow she is just so happy and proud when she does a good job.

 I have built her play drive from the beggining and she is now very enthusiastic about toys. She needed some time but is now crazy about balls (fetch), she also loves to tug.


When she was 10 months old she tried herding for the first time. Since then we try to train as often as possible and have also attended our first herding trials. She is calm and biddable and very patient with the stock. We have been to quite some trials where I noticed that she prefers practicals tasks. She likes if what she is doing makes sense to her and she loves pen work. Hence she prefers farm trials over normal trials. She doesn’t like mico-managing. Right now she prefers to work closer to me (and with me). Unfortunatelly we don’t have a chance to train cattle so this is where she lacks confidence. I think she prefers drive over fetch and is more of a “straight” dog.

We’ve been on a couple of exams and competitions where she has proved her qualities. I’m very happy to say that even on exams where there is no rewards she shows good focuse and loves to work with me.

In case you want to know more about Beam, you’re welcome to ask me anything. If you are in town, you can also stop by and meet her in person or join our trainings.


 Crown Point S Bar L Interception OTDdsc DNA-VPCrown Point Red Jacks R Wild DNA-VP HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CP Crown Point Kemo Sabe DNA-CP
 HOF Crown Point KK Khyan DNA-CP
 Crown Point Pose DNA-VP ASCA CH Crown Point Mick DNA-CP
 Crown Point Suki DNA-CP
 W Lazy J J2 Crown Point Frankie DNA-VP HOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc DNA-VP HOF WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blues
 HOF Crown Point Fire Starter
 WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2 RD CD DNA-CP Lor A Yukons Denali
 Lor A Star Blu Lady Quinn
S Bar L Cow Oak RD DNA-VPWTCH S Bar L Obi Wan RD DNA-VPHOF WTCH Slash V Han Solo RD DNA-CPSlash V Rufus STDs
 Slash V Cajun Key
HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP WTCH Justus Buster Bear RTDs
 WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur RD DNA-CP
HOF WTCH S Bar L Shawnee RD DNA-VPHOF WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid RTDs PATDs DNA-VP WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP
 Twin Oaks Tv Audio DNA-VP
HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP WTCH Justus Buster Bear RTDs
 WTCH Bar LW Miss Red Spur RD DNA-CP


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