2018: LITTER S

Meet the puppies from our first litter.

2018: LITTER S

DOB: 1. 3. 2018
3 females and 3 males



S bar L Okie B Cool – Beam


DOB: 22.1.2015
Color: red tri
Tail: NBT
Height: 51 cm; weight: 17 kg
HED, ED: A1/A1, 0/0
OCD: free
MDR1: +/+,
HSF4: +/+ ,
PRA: N/N, free,
CMR1: +/+
CEA: +/+ (clear),
DM: N/DM (carrier)

Herding: ASCA OTDc ATDds OFTDs
Search and rescue: RH-T B, RH-FL B, member of MERP, SIP and Slovenia MUSAR team
Rally obedience: RO1 & RO2, ASCA RNX
Obedience: BBH, ASCA CDX
Nosework: I and II

Beam is a very stable dog, she is very open to people and relaxed around children. She doesn’t have problems with other dogs and does not have a strong guarding instinct. When she is working she gives her 100%, but also has a very good “off button” and relaxes easily when she is not working. We have started training search and rescue when she was a puppy and she has already passed her first seach and rescue exam. We also try to train herding as much as possible. We’ve already attended our first trial where she had some very nice runs with qualifing scores in sheep, ducks and cattle. When I have time we do some Nosework, Obedience and Rally, where she shows nice focus and also had good placements at competitions. 


Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For Durango – Rango

DOB: 21.8.2013
Color: red tri
Tail: long, docked
Height: 55 cm; Weight: 26 kg
HD/ED: A1/A1, 0/0
OCD: free 
MDR1: +/+,
HSF4: +/+ ,
PRA: PRA/N, carrier,
CMR1: +/+
CEA: +/-, carrier,

Herding: WTCH, AFTDsd, HTADsd III (AHBA)
Agility FCI: LK2
Obedience: BH-VT

I asked Rango’s owners for his description and this is what they wrote: “Rango is our 100% Jackpot dog. He has a very friendly outgoing character, doesn’t have a lot of guarding instinct and gets along with all dogs, even males. He has a really nice working style on stock. No matter what you offer him, he trys to do it. He is pretty soft in daily life, but not too soft, so he can still handle preassure very well, also when we compete in Agility, where he turned out to be really nice too. Just a nice boy!!”


Leglo S


Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For DurangoCrown Point JoeyCrown Point Cow Cutter DNA-CPWTCH Crown Point Emperor Napoleon RD
 Wild West Rowdy Rita
Crown Point JosephineWTCH Crown Point Emperor Napoleon RD
 Crown Point Just By Chance
Temptation LucilleHOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CPCrown Point Kemo Sabe
HOF Crown Point KK Khyan
HOF PCH WTCH Temptation Angel FaceHOF WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs
  HOF WTCH CH VCH Spring Fever Jitterbug CDX
S bar L Okie B CoolCrown Point S Bar L Interception DNA-VPCrown Point Red Jacks R Wild DNA-VPHOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RD DNA-CP
Crown Point Pose DNA-VP
W Lazy J J2 Crown Point Frankie DNA-VPHOF WTCH Crown Point Red Baron W Lazy J PATDsc RTDsc DNA-VP
WTCH Lor A Golden Zephyr of J2 RD CD DNA-CP

S Bar L Cow Oak RD DNA-VP



HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP


HOF WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid RTDs PATDs DNA-VP

HOF Misty Ridge Miss Blue Meadow DNA-CP

Puppy information:

Registered nameCall nameGenderColorTailHealth
Quickbeam Solenopsis InvictaRubiFemaleRed triFullB/B
Quickbeam Solenopsis GallicaIrraFemaleRed triFullA/A, 0/0, OCD: 0/0
Quickbeam Solenopsis AureaMaisieFemaleRed triFullA/A, 0/0
Quickbeam Solenopsis LatroMedoMaleRed triNBTA/A, 0/0
Quickbeam Solenopsis BuckiRangoMaleRed triFullHips ok (unoficial score), very small iris coloboma, at 7 months he lost some pigment on his face which is slowly coming back.
Quickbeam Solenopsis WolfiWolfiMaleRed triFullC/C, 0/0

Meet the puppies:

Quickbeam Solenopsis Invicta “Rubi”
  • female
  • red tri, full tail, brown eyes
  • height, weight
  • HD B/B
  • eyes checked at 8 weeks
  • activities: hiking

Rubi was the smallest puppy in the litter but she has been a fighter from day 1. Even though she was smaller, she did not stay behind her siblings. She was always wagging her tail just loving every moment.

Rubi has grown into a beautiful female with very dark color. She is very active, loves toys, be it fetching or tugging.

She loves to go hiking or even back country skiing in the winter.

Quickbeam Solenopsis Gallica “Irra”

  • female
  • red tri, long tail, brown eyes
  • height 51 cm, weight 17 kg
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD o/o, Back: ok
  • PRA & DM: carrier (+/-)
  • MDR1, HSF4, CEA, CMR1, Hiplaxity I & II, HUU, IGS 3, MH, NCL6: clear
  • eyes checked at 7 weeks
  • activities: herdin,g agility, rally obedience, hiking

Irra is the puppy I have kept in co-ownership from Beam’s first litter. She is living with my long time friend Katja along with her Sheltie Dancer and Australian shepherd Badger.

This is what Irra’s owner Katja wrote about her:

Irra is a dream come true since I always wanted a puppy from Beam, and Nadja choose the perfect male for her – Rango. She was such an easy puppy: obedient, very responsive, fast learner, lots of self control, chewed nothing, relaxed but acting as clown all the time. Big thanks goes to her older »brother« Badger, he helped me raise her and did a great job. They get along so well, as a puppy she always looked up to him and she would follow him everywhere and did everything he did, so getting used to new things and places was a piece of cake. When she hit puberty, we had some problems with fear of strange people and dogs but she is getting better and better.

She is reserved towards strangers, but can easily be bought with food and toys. She also has guarding instinct and will protect our house, but she is never aggressive. Otherwise Irra is a little clown, always jumping around, always happy about little things, very curious, she never gets frustrated or annoyed; she’s not at all reactive. She can be drama queen and talkative, but never barking while working. She needs a lot of love and attention, she’s always around and wants to help. She is easy to live with, I can take her everywhere with me – public places, coffee, stores, camping, she has no problem settling down.

Working with her is a pure pleasure. We tried herding, obedience, agility, nose work, frisbee and more is to follow. No matter what we do she is a shining star, she always puts 100% into it. We did a lot of shaping as a puppy and she was so smart, learning super quick and always offering new behaviors, stepping and jumping on objects etc., so easy so work with. I think she is a born obedience dog, it comes so naturally to her, she’s always looking at me, very enthusiastic and finds obedience super fun. Herding with her is a balsam comparing to Badger, she’s gentle, calm and thinking, doesn’t nip or bite for now, but she is still young and needs more experience. We just started with agility but she is already very fast and listens to what I say.

Quickbeam Solenopsis Aurea “Maisie”

  • female
  • red tri, full tail, brown eyes
  • height, weight
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • eyes checked at 7 weeks
  • activities: agility, frisbee, herding, animal-assisted education, hiking, cuddling 😉

Maisie is almost too perfect for words. I don’t normally have specific ideas about what I want in a dog, I simply adapt the activities to the dog’s own preferences, needs, and abilities, even if it means (as it often does) modifying my own lifestyle and taking up completely new hobbies.  But in Maisie’s case, I came to Nadja with a whole wish list before Beam was even bred: I wanted a healthy, athletic, and temperamentally stable dog, preferably female, cut out for therapy work, sports and herding.  Amazingly (especially considering Murphy’s Law), in Maisie I got all that and more. She does it all, with flair.

She stood out in the litter from the start due to her distinctive white markings, and she was my not-so-secret favorite from the moment the pups were born. As the puppies developed, she also displayed the traits most suited to the home and lifestyle I offered, so at six weeks, Maisie to my delight was matched to me.

Growing up, she proved to be a nicely balanced blend of natural curiosity and natural caution, neither timid nor reckless. Confronted with a new situation, she first observes, then assesses, then acts, usually appropriately.  Since she grew up with two reactive dogs who would bark at the slightest provocation, I was concerned their reactivity would rub off on her, but she stays quiet and calm even when other dogs aren’t.

She is highly motivated and will work for food, a toy, a word of praise and a pat, or just for the sheer joy of performing a task. Too harsh a correction would cause her to shut down as she is an exceptionally soft and sensitive dog.

In agility she is fast over obstacles, quick to learn, and easy to guide, yet even in her most excited state she will hold a calm start-line stay in any position while waiting for my cue. She loves toys and has natural retrieval so she easily mastered the fundamentals of frisbee freestyle and enjoys the game. She is very athletic but not a natural leaper when catching the way some dogs are, particularly aussies, so we are working on jumping technique and making air catches. 

From the outset she showed a lot of natural aptitude for herding, working quietly with good focus. She’s generally easy to control but needs to learn to stay further off the sheep, especially when starting—sometimes she will take too straight a line and split the flock, then get flustered. If we could train more regularly (and I were a more experienced handler) she would quickly develop into a handy little stockdog. In our limited training I’ve found herding goes most smoothly when I don’t overthink a situation and just trust her to get on with the job. Like her mother Beam she does best at practical tasks that have some purpose.

She’s accompanied me several times on English courses at children’s summer camps. Initially she can get overexcited when greeting people and wants to jump up and give them kisses but as she matures she is learning to stay calm and keep her paws on the ground while being petted. She’s a great hit with the kids and mostly basks in the attention, but if someone approaches her too eagerly and directly, she may move away to create some space for herself.

She’s a perfect companion on hikes since she doesn’t react to other walkers, dogs, tractors, mountain bikers, etc. and has near perfect recall at any distance.

Maisie brings enthusiasm, energy and talent to every task while being an absolute dream to work and live with. Calm; adaptable; secure, confident, and completely unfazed by new situations, unfamiliar environments, and odd surfaces; friendly to people, including perfect strangers; compatible with other dogs; highly biddable yet capable of independent problem-solving. A cuddly couch dog at home, ready for action and adventure at a moment’s notice. In short, the kind of dog that can (and does) go anywhere.

Quickbeam Solenopsis Latro “Medo”

  • male
  • red tri, NBT, brown eyes
  • height, weight
  • HD A/A, ED 0/0
  • eyes checked at 7 weeks
  • activities: seach and rescue, hiking, frisbee

Medo (english word for little bear) had grown into a very handsome male. He had an outstanding character. He is very attached to his owner, he is crazy about toys (loves both tugging and fetching) and very fast! He is open to people and usually doesn’t have problem with other dogs. He can sometimes growl at another male, but I think that is quite normal. 

He doesn’t have a lot of guarding instinct, but he does protect his owner and his food from other dogs.

Medo loves hiking with his owner and they also train Search & Rescue. At first he had some problems going away from his owner, he just wasn’t interested in other people, but once he figured out what the task was, he really started to improve. 

He was on stock (sheep) only one time, where he showed a lot of interest, but it’s hard to say more.

Quickbeam Solenopsis Bucki “Rango”

  • male
  • red tri, full tail, brown eyes
  • height, weight
  • HD: ok (unoficially)
  • eyes checked at 7 weeks, small iris coloboma
  • activities: bike rides

Rango has kept the name we gave him when he was only a couple of days old. He was very similar to his dad (hence the name) and the biggest boy from the litter. He has grown into a big handsome male.

Rango has a very nice character, he loves people, doesn’t have problem with other dogs and doesn’t have a lot of guarding instinct. 

When he was about 7 months old he started to loose pigment on his nose and later on his face. Since August 2019 his pigment is slowly coming back. It is not connected to any other health issues that we know of.

He is crazy about toys, his favourite is tugging. With his owner they love to go on active walks and bike rides.

He was on stock a couple of times where he showed great interest, but it’s hard to say more.

Quickbeam Solenopsis Wolfi “Wolfi”

  • male
  • red tri, long tail, brown eyes
  • height, weight
  • HD C/C, ED 0/0
  • eyes checked at 8 weeks,
  • activities: hiking, frisbee

Wolfi was a very charming puppy with his lighter fur and very light eyes. He is now a handsome young male.

He is very active, open to people and usually doesn’t have problems with other dogs. He can sometimes have a problem with another male that growls at him, but nothing to worry about. 

Wolfi is crazy about toys, especially frisbees and he loves hiking with his people. 

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