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2018: LITTER S

DOB: 1. 3. 2018
3 females, 3 males
Dam: S bar L Okie B Cool – Beam
Sire: Crown Point 50 Letters Are Just Enough For Durango – Rango

My goal

My goal is to breed Australian shepherds that have the originial working ability and are healthy with a stable character.

I believe that it’s really important for dogs to grow up in a safe and stimulative environment. The socialisation period whilst in the litter can never be replaced. 

Our puppies as well as our dogs live in the house with us, so they are used to people, other dogs and different sounds from the beginning. 

When they are old enough, we take them outside where they meet new things and challanges. We expose our puppies to different materials (wood, metal, grass, tiles…) and provide them with all sorts of stimulative objects like tunnels, small obstacles made from different materials, all sorts of toys and so on. When they are old enough we take them for short car rides and trips. We make sure they meet other friendly dogs from our friends and also different people of all ages.

Each puppy gets individual attention. When they are old enough this also includes getting used to a collar and leash, we start using clicker with them and start with basics of recall, luring and so on.

Our puppies are mostly fed with home prepared food which includes all sorts of different ingredients: different protein (goat dairy products, beef, poultry, pork…), different vegetables, fruit and grains. When they are 6 weeks old we also introduce them with kibble, so they are used to different kind of foods.

Our puppies:

  • get ASCA pedigrees
  • are 8 weeks old when they leave us
  • are fed with high quality puppy food and home prepared food 
  • are microchiped
  • are dewormed multiple times
  • have their first eye check before they leave

For the puppies I’m seeking active owners who want to work with their dog either in a dog sport in search and rescue or herding. Because Australian shepherds need to live with their people they are not suitable for living in the back yard or in a kennel.

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