Some words about me and about Quickbeam kennel. 

My name is Nadja and I have adored dogs ever since I can remember. It’s been more than 10 years ago now that I have seen Australian shepherds for the first time. It was a love at first sight and after a long wait my biggest wish came true in 2006 when I got Ginny. My first dog, my loyal companion and teacher.
Even before I got Ginny I was determined that I want to spend my life with dogs actively. My frist step was a puppy class with Ginny and after that we have participated in different dogs sports, from agility, to rally obedience, frisbee, nosework and search and rescue. Search and rescue was the one that somehow fitted me best and has grown from a hobby to a way of life. For over 10 years I have dedicated my afternoons and often weekends too for trainigs, exercises and search and rescue missions.

When Ginny has reached a certain age I started thinking about another dog. In the meantime I’ve met with a lot of Aussies, their owners and breeders. Because the working ability of these dogs have really impressed me (and they still do) I decided my next dog will be from working lines. I believe it’s very important to preserve the working ability of working breeds. Since Australian shepherds are a herding breed, that are and have been a great asset to many farmers and ranchers, herding is the work that is a part of their history and who they are.

In 2015 I got my second dog Beam from a German breeder Sandra Zilch, of S bar L Australian shepherds. The moment I brought Beam home she has stolen my heart and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Besides working and living with my own dogs I’m also a dog trainer. I am a licenced instructor for Rally obedience, FCI obedience and Search and rescue work. I’m a member of Logatec dog club, where I teach classes and where I’m also a member of the search and rescue group. In 2016 I have also joined Alfakan team, where I’m an instructor for group classes and also take in individual cases.

Since Beam has grown up into a great dog with perfect health results I’ve decided to go on the journey of becoming a breeder. In 2017 I have registered an ASCA kennel by the mane Quickbeam. We are planning our first litter in Winter 2017/2018. You can find more information about it on the page “Puppies“.

Quickbeam: about my kennel name

It’s actually not so easy to choose the kennel name, since it’s going to be something that represents the breeder and the puppies for quite some time. I was playing with different ideas for my kennel name, thinking about different possiblities. 

After a lot of thought and hundreds of suggestions I focused on Beam’s name which actually has a lot of meanings. It can be a laser beam, a construction beam and even a gymnastic beam :). The origin of the name though comes from an old English word for a tree. After some googling I stumbled upon a name Quickbeam which I immediately liked because it has a nice sound and fits Beam, who is pretty fast, perfectly. It’s also a name of an Ent from Tolkien’s fantasy world. I’ve made my decision and registered the kennel name with ASCA. 

The logo of Quickbeam Aussies includes 3 most important parts of my breeding: Beam; a magnificent tree; and a sheep that represent’s the working abilities of the breed:

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